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New Cushion Covers & Home Decor: About time we Rethink, Restyle, Remix!

The festive season is here and there are big sales everywhere! (including on Knotty Knitters where prices have been slashed out across all product sections) When everybody is introducing new collections in sarees and suits, we thought we’d switch our attention away from the apparel section for some time and instead focus on the home decor section. Why do you ask? Well, what also coincides with Diwali is the grand house cleaning movement where we turn the whole house upside down to make sure everything is spic and span. While we are at it, why not give the much needed (and delayed) retouch.


The year 2020 has been tough for many of us. We learned that working from home isn’t always that enticing as it sounds and at times we crave going out in nature or in public places. But the threat outside is not over yet! So how does one really get ‘out’ there? What we can do instead is bring the ‘out’ inside and create new spaces in our home. From introducing indoor plants to redesigning our interiors and home decor, options are plenty and the landscape of ideas is vast. And with Knotty Knitters home delivery service, you can rest assured that your creative mind will work from your comfort zone only.

First, we will introduce you to our freshly stocked Cushion Covers section. Our wide range of colors, materials, and craft embellished on them allows you to embrace the latest trends with the minimum of stress. Speaking of stress, there is nothing more relaxing than coming home to the sight of your comfortable sofas and home furniture stacked with an array of soft and pleasant looking cushions ready to welcome you(r) back. This warm and cozy corner of your home deserves and needs to be eye-catching as well as eye-pleasing.

A perennial favorite, the cotton fabric of our Kantha Cushion covers come with a long-lasting assurance of quality as well as style

Created by hand, down to the smallest stitches, our applique cushion covers carry trendy designs pieced together on cotton fabric.


Since block printed fabrics and local craftsmanship are much in vogue for home furnishing, check out our hand-blocked cushion covers


The home decor gods have spoken. Florals are still ruling home furnishing space and nothing beats the combination of rose prints with the soft touch of velvet material of our cushion covers.


Next, we have some modern home decor items for your table space, starting with table runners bringing in fresh colors and prints with them if you’re looking to drift away from your traditional table settings. They add a visual impact to the formal arrangement of your dining room. Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out our dining table covers and coasters which come in exquisite hand block Jaipuri prints and detailed Kantha work, respectively. Explore your personal style with the products’ quality fabrics and make its delightful prints the centerpiece of your room. Ornate and elegant, it suits the mood of every season.

Decorating your home isn’t limited to refurbishing the living rooms or dining spaces where you meet and get closer with your social circles, but also bringing in new energy and vibes to your intimate zones like bedrooms. Minor changes like changing the bed cover along with the trends and season help you in resettling with the new mood of the year. Whether it’s hand-blocked Jaipuri prints cotton bedsheets for the summer or the cozy and comfortable reversible Dohars for the upcoming winters, we have got you covered! What makes this even better is the ongoing 20% sale across this category 😀

Home Decor items play an important role in adding a sense of newness to your home. Scientifically speaking, shopping leads to the release of more Serotonin, a happy chemical which makes you feel good, a dose of which we all need this year! But it doesn’t mean you have to go on an overhaul with your entire house to make you feel something. Even one new cushion cover has the ability to amplify your home as well as your mood, providing you with a sense of normality. So there you go, next time you feel a bit stuck in these novel times, Knotty Knitters has got your back with a mood boost 🙂

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