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4 Alluring Dresses from Knotty Knitters for your Chhath Puja 2020 Look

4 Alluring Dresses from Knotty Knitters for your Chhath Puja 2020 Look

For thousands of Biharis living all across India, the festive months of October-November do not reach their full grandeur until six days after the festival of light, which is observed as Chhath Puja. A cultural thread that keeps them bound with their state, its grandeur can be imagined from the fact that every year, Chhath Puja special trains are run to carry the extra rush of people heading back to worship their Chhathi Maiya and Surya Dev (The Sun God).

बाट जे पूछेला बटोहिया, बहंगी केकरा के जाय…
तू तो आन्हर होवे रे बटोहिया, बहंगी छठी मैया के जाय ♫

An emotion that is rooted deep in the heritage of the Maithili speaking regions of India (Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern UP) and Nepal, one has to visit these states, especially Bihar, to understand the sentiment associated with this beautiful occasion which rises above caste, creed, gender and marital status of the vratins (one who observe the fasting). To this amalgamation of the lights of the earthen lamps, the sweetness of Thekuas, humbleness in the offerings, and togetherness of friends and family, Knotty Knitters has decided to add the bling and colors with our selected 4 special sarees dedicated to Chhath Puja 2020.

Though there are no color codes associated with the four days of Chhath Puja unlike the Navaratris (which we covered in one of our blogs: click here to read) over the centuries, Red shade has convinced everyone that it is here to stay as the most preferred color for Indian festivals. A color that radiates a woman’s power to create, nurture, and transform, Red is considered auspicious in Hindu traditions. Since it’s not compulsory in the context of our festival, we will also see a mix and match of other bright colors like Yellow, with exquisite craftwork of sequins. Our Gota Patti section also adds that bling to your styling.


Day 1: Nahay Khay

The name loosely translates to “bath and eat”. The day is marked by devotees taking a dip in the nearest holy rivers and eating only one satvik meal in the entire day, which initiates the 4 days long festival of Chhath Puja. Naturally, the mood is calm and composed, which is why we have decided to take care of your sartorial needs and chosen this Off White Pure Cotton saree for day one. Its soothing colors and comfortable fabric bring in a settling feeling and go easy on your skin. This product comes with one saree and one unstitched blouse piece. (click here to shop)


Day 2: Kharna

On the second day, devotees observe a full day fast in which they do not even drink water. The fast is broken in the evening after the Kharna Puja concludes with rice and jaggery. To such a wholesome and sweet ending, we have chosen this Kota Doria saree which comes in a candy pink shade. Its quality fabric is embossed with foil prints in floral patterns. Not too vibrant, not too subtle, wear it to get the perfect embodiment of casual traditional glamour for Chhath Puja! This product comes with one saree and one unstitched blouse piece. (click here to shop)


Day 3: Chhath Puja

Falling on the 6th day from Diwali and 3rd day from Nahay Khay, the main Puja day arrives. On this day, devotees offer Sandhya Arghya to Chhathi Maiya, Surya Dev, and his two consorts, Usha (first ray of the sun) and Pratyusha (last ray of the sun). Chhath Puja is one of the rare festivals where even the setting sun is worshipped. This is why for the main event, we have selected this stunning Kota Doria saree in a smoky-sun shade. The yellow checkbox prints on the quality fabric of this saree provide it with the required sheen. The pallu is tasseled up. Overall, this saree is a statement piece. The product comes with one saree and one unstitched blouse piece. (click here to shop)


Day 4: Usha Arghya

The last day is observed by offering prayers and water to the first rays of the sun, after which the devotees break their rigid fast. For the final Chhath Puja event, we have selected this Kota Doria saree which comes in a refreshing and uplifting shade of yellow color. Yellow remains a popular color to uplift anybody’s mood, which is exactly what this saree has achieved through its breathable fabric in a bumblebee shade ornamented with foil prints. With the novel times putting the world in the gloom, it’s all the more reason to add this saree to your cart and wear it wholeheartedly! (click here to shop)

Talking about the novel times, even the pre-lockdown optimists have now succumbed to the possibility that a slow-paced return-to-normalcy will be the future course from here. As community transfer has not been ruled out yet, it is more than expected that large gatherings across states for Chhath Puja 2020 will be restricted by the authorities. What’s still on the cards is being together with your family, cooking the regional delicacies, singing folk songs to revive the nostalgia, and helping each other in observing the rigid and difficult fasts. After all, if we are going to pray for the well being of our loved ones, let’s also follow the pandemic rules parallelly. But, we’ll not leave our conversation on a tensed note and instead link you to a Bhojpuri song related to Chhath festival by Nilotpal Mrinal, which beautifully encapsulates the festival’s essence 🙂

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