Who We Are Welcome to Knotty Knitters

Knotty Knitters a venture for ‘knotting and weaving thread together to form a fabric’, is driven by a passion for handcrafted materials from all over India. We are firm believers of handcrafted materials’ beauty, which is why we want to make them available at one platform. Designed and curated by artisans from villages spanning the length of our country, these handcrafted fabrics bring to you the essence of Gujarat and Rajasthan, with the Hand Block print of Kutch, Bandhani designs of Jaipur and Ajrakh prints from Bagru, and we have only just begun… no turning back since we started.

The search for the best took us to the villages of Rajasthan and Gujarat. We are committed to bringing more states and their craftsmen into our family, giving their legacy of creative techniques, designing, weaving and hand embroidery the exposure they deserve and giving you, our customers, more vibrancy for your collection(s). As our sweet little venture is growing, we are introducing our store to the online retailing market.  As a brand, we will bring to you block print stitched and unstitched material, Bandhej Leheriya collection and designer wear semi stitched as well as ready made suits.

Knotty Knitters

Founded in 2018 by Pallavi Advani in Dehradun

Our Story

Pallavi Advani is the genius behind Knotty Knitters, a venture for ‘knotting and weaving thread together to form a fabric’ and driven by a passion for handcrafted materials from all over India. Before her career as an entrepreneur,  she did Postgraduate. For a state which attributes its dryness to the vast lands of the Thar desert, Rajasthan equally compensates in richness through its traditions and culture. This vibrant state perfectly echoes the sentiments of “Vocal for Local”, as the search for the purest handicraft work will take you to the villages of Kutch and Jaipur. From the incredible designs of Bandhani, wave patterns of Leheriya, block print florals of Bagru, light fabrics of Kota Doria and shimmer of Gotta Patti work, Rajasthani textile culture speaks generations worth of traditions and experimentations, amidst which Pallavi worked for 2 years.

With a business mind trained around the nitty-gritty of retail and clothing market, and a heart enriched with an ancient fabric culture, Pallavi set up a homely business and ventured into the fashion sector, bringing to her customers the traditional royal couture of Rajasthan. Slowly, the business expanded its design section to include the traditional side of the state of Gujarat as well! All her experience and hard work put into her self-made brand paid back in the form of good reviews and excellent feedback from the customers. Following a year of planning and conceptualizing, it was in 2018 when she finally established the brand name and store for Knotty Knitters, a boutique shop designed to fill in your fashion needs with traditional attires and pure handcrafted fabric works, for both casual wear and formal wear. In 2020, her brand finally ventured into e-commerce.

Our Collections

We bring to you Sarees, Suits and Dupattas from Gota Patti Collection and Blockprint fabrics

Poshak Collection

The Poshak Collection is reflective of the royal couture of Rajasthan, with a blend of the state’s heritage and its Rajputi culture. A favorite of the Maharanis since the ancient times, a Rajputi Poshak is a set of Kurti, Kanchali (both cover the upper part of the body), Ghagra (a long graceful skirt) and Odhni (a long piece of transparent cloth that covers the head as a symbol of dignity), but now is adorned by women from all castes and culture in the state. Drenched in various colors, embossed with the embroidery work which enlivens the traditional designs and carrying generations of handicraft skills dating back to the Mughal period, a Rajputani Poshak delivers the perfect elegance for any occasion. Concept designing of all the poshaks(dresses) is done by Team Knotty Knitters to deliver the wow factor for your trad game. Poshaks are available in designs for both casual wear and wedding occasions.

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