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Our selection for the very best in unique, handmade pieces from core artisans of various states from our country.

Knotty Knitters

Knotty Knitters a venture for ‘knotting and weaving thread together to form a fabric’, is driven by a passion for handcrafted materials from all over India. We are firm believers of handcrafted materials’ beauty, which is why we want to make them available at one platform. Designed and curated by artisans from villages spanning the length of our country, these handcrafted fabrics bring to you the essence of Gujarat and Rajasthan, with the Hand Block print of Kutch, Bandhani designs of Jaipur and Ajrakh prints from Bagru, and we have only just begun… no turning back since we started.

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We have stocked for you Pure Organza & Jute Organza Sarees

The Organza Fever

Come 2021 and the Organza fever is yet to settle down! With the festive and wedding season coming up next, markets are ready to bestow upon its customers the soft allure of the fabric’s ruffle seems. A visually pleasing comfort fabric, Organza has an amazing ability to boost volume. Organza fabric’s lightweight, shimmery shiny, crisp drapes are finally breathing a second life in their second year of being a hot trend. So what does this mean for us? That it’s time to get along this bandwagon

Pure Organza Saree in Green
Lotus Pink Chanderi Silk Suit

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Block Printing

(Wood) Block Printing is a technique which makes use of a piece of wood, carved with some design, which would be imprinted on a fabric. Though a lack of concrete evidence, but popular theory suggests its origin to China. The fine detailing in its execution makes it a popular choice when it comes to designing textiles. The process followed by professional artisans who practice the block printing in Indian villages is long and complex. It involves high skill and hard labour and gives perfect intricate designs. The skilled artisans who practice block printing are in a class of their own; making use of a carved Sheesham wood (Indian Teak) along with vegetable and/or chemical dyes, designs are imprinted on the fabric stretched over long tables.

Ajrakh Block Print

Batik Cotton